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Individual Therapy

Janice picked up the phone, and this time made the call. As the phone was ringing, she almost hoped the counselor wouldn’t answer. She wondered again, “Am I just making a big deal out of nothing?”

Why can’t I handle it?

I know I should be happy.

But Janice can’t ignore the anxiety that she is feeling. She can’t make herself get things done like she used to. “I’m exhausted. I’m overwhelmed … so many decisions to make, so many things to get done.”

“Hello?” Oh gosh, the counselor answered … what am I supposed to say? Will she think I am a nut-case? I find myself stammering, and then she gently says …

“I’m so glad you reached out, sometimes picking up the phone and making this first call is the hardest part.”

Janice feels her body relax a little. She is thankful that the counselor helps her get started.

“Why don’t we start with what it was that pushed you to pick up the phone and call me today?”

Janice starts talking …

Life has changed, but I can’t figure out what to do next.

I don’t know what happened, but I can’t keep everybody happy.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

I think I‘m not coping as well as everybody else.

What does individual counseling mean?

Walking into my office means that you are brave enough to do something different because you realize that what you have been doing isn’t working. It doesn’t mean that there is something horribly wrong with you. Feeling what you feel is normal. You aren’t losing it or spinning out of control.

My office is a safe, soothing place where you can be seen and feel heard. It is okay to talk about as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Counseling is about you… it is about helping you deal with the here and now and move forward into healthy and happy living.

How do you help someone like me?

All women deal with life struggles; all women go through life transitions. We often think, “Yeah, but look at the horrible things she is dealing with … I have no reason to complain.”

And yet the reality is that whatever you are going through is hard. Comparing and shaming ourselves for what we feel just makes us feel worse.

Each of us has a story. Each of us lives our own life with our own burdens and worries. Your path is your own, and your pain is real…I am not afraid of it.

Helping women walk out of this dark place is one of my specialties. I will help you find your way to wholeness, healing, and hope.

Why can’t I get it together? I feel so alone.

It is easy to get paralyzed and isolated with our struggles, imagining the judgment of others if they knew our true feelings.

We often live under the weight of a mountain of “shoulds.” “I should say yes to helping with the clean-up.” “I should call my friend … she needs me … even though I don’t have enough time to get all of the things done that I need to today.”

I will help you learn to manage the necessities of daily living free of the burden of incessant “shoulds.” We will navigate the confusing maze of learning how to set healthy boundaries.

Questions are normal. We all have them.

I have years of success in helping women develop coping skills and tools to handle the here and now. We will also look at some of the back-story of your life to help you gain insight and create long-term change. You will find joy and live with hope both now and in your future.

We will create a schedule with you in mind … visualize yourself taking that walk in the park, doing that workout at the gym, sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a bubble bath. When was the last time you made yourself a priority? Be honest!

You are worth it. Let’s talk. Call now.

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